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I'm new here, and it's a pleasure to be here.

I wrote this and you can find it in my journal as well.
Let me know what you think.

Little Miss Morbid

Once upon a time, there lived a nice little princess. She was known as Little Miss Morbid. She had everything she ever wanted: toys, candy, and friends. They were imaginary friends of little Miss Morbid's little least, that's what her mother and father said. They thought it was nothing but silliness. Little Miss Morbid was already 12 years old, going on 13. That meant that she would soon have to follow her mother's footsteps and rule the land of Sweets. As fate had it, Little Miss Morbid did not want to study the ways of becoming Queen, all she wanted, was to play with her little monster friends, share her toys and candy with them, and live happily ever after. Sadly, her little fairytale never did end happily. The Queen and King could no longer stand for Morbid's "silliness, and neither could their people. The Queen and King sent out their best and top surgeons to remove Little Miss Morbid's imagination from her brain. When Little Miss Morbid heard of their foul and injustice plan she became horrified and angry. Her anger fed her little monster friends with wrath and a murderous hunger. Little Miss Morbid stood within the bloody massacre with a satanic smile as she watched her little monster friends devour and rip apart the Queen, King, the doctors, and all the other people. When all the damage was done, Little Miss Morbid's anger began to drip away like the blood on the lollipop-flowers. Morbid silently sat on the blood-soaked grass, slowly closed her deaden eyes, and cried. Her only friend's in the world encircled around her and silently wept by her side. All their hearts betrayed them. They acted as ugly and evil as the people they murdered. They all made an immoral and unforgivable mistake. Little Miss Morbid stood up and walked over to her throne and embellished her little head with the Queen's beautiful crown. Little Miss Morbid did in fact become Queen of The Land of Sweets, but being Queen to a world without people to act Queen for, is not a worthy cause. And so, as this story has it, Little Miss Morbid, her friends and all her people, did not live happily ever after. Happy Birthday, Little Miss Morbid.

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Hi! good story I like it a lot.
poor little miss morbid =(