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A Time to Keep : The Lovers Meeting

Hello all. This is my first installment of:

A Time to Keep

There will at least be one more installment. I took the phrasing "Son and Daughter of Adam and Eve" from one of my favorite books. Hope you don't mind :) Without further adieu...

Faermay’s excitement skittered through her entire little body. Her limbs, pale, long, and delicate, shivered with the prospect of the Meeting. She and her sister, Colonel Celladine, had been assigned to perhaps the single most important encounter in all of Earth’s history.
No one here, there, and even then will ever have Loved like the two descendents of Adam and Eve who were fated to meet that very day. Faermay’s glittering golden wings whirred, and to her they sounded like the robust buzz of a hummingbird. She shushed them, but the excitement fled to her booted feet, which clicked solidly in the heels. Her sister stared at her with her unique “You’ve been given great responsibility and you’re behaving like wingmaiden” glare with her sloping violet eyes. Faermay resolved to calm herself. She smoothed her foxglove skirts and tightened the coils of grapevine, which kept her hair out of her eyes. There was a time when members of Courtier Fair Sentry masqueraded in the best silks and pearl shoes on their trips. Not so now. Too many of the CFS had been injured or detected for their gaudiness.
Celladine’s voice slithered through the air in a faint whip-like whisper.
“On your guard, littleling.”
Faermay focused her attention on the graveled road, all gems and shining, dressed in the dew of the morning, flirting with the sun. A great gold dog trotted along the road, leashed humbly with a length of leather, a lithe figure of a Daughter of Eve loping close behind. A fair distance from the lady, a Son of Adam ambled, his nose tracking the print of his hardcopy like a hound dog on a scent.
The CFS was founded when the Faeraday Council of Time realized that the Earth rejoiced when true love between humans was shared. The world ached and lamented for a period of time where humans became very forgetful about their hearts, and surrounded themselves with pleasures that required less soul and energy. The Council worked out a time loop in which the CFS could go back to the day when some of the most prominent lovers in the world first met. The goal was to coax the souls to temporarily dissociate from their flesh hoasts and rejoice, because a soul in love once is a soul in love forever, before and after the bodies have even encountered. When the souls met first this way, as if they’d always known each other, the magic of a never-ending Love always accompanied. The trick was to get the souls out and together without damaging/terrifying/modifying/losing them. The CFS had become very skilled with protocol, and Colonel Celladine had been administering Meetings for centuries. But, every once in a while, there was a special, flighty sort of soul who needs a different sort of fairy. That was Faermay’s role. She was a compassionate freethinker with too much energy and a spirit unmatched for generations in her clan. She was also quite stubborn.
Celladine turned to Faermay.
“Now remember, they’re both sensitive to change. They’re writers and a bit cautious. You take the little Eve. She’s going to be scared to death. Try a song or a memory of her father. But be very gentle…I know you’ll make us proud.”
Faermay nodded to her sister and they both gracefully and quietly flit into the air toward the two figures obliviously plodding towards a breathtaking life together…
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