shaneekailea (shaneekailea) wrote in fairietale,

Here's your chance to contribute!

We all read books on Faery and say, "That's not right" or "That's not how it is" or even "well, that's... kinda close."
What would you finally like to see in a book about Faery? This will be a non-fiction book but will include many of the things that I "know" about Faery. I'm curious to know what's important to you guys to see too. What are you most tired of people getting wrong?

Also, who wants a cameo? If you do, then just tell me what name you want used, what kind of being you are (descriptions are helpful) and if you have any fantasy's about what you want your cameo to be then please share that too. Is there something you want to say, someplace you want to be or do?

Thanks everyone!
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